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Print Prices (unmatted - print only) Image size Framed
$85.00 11x14 $195.00 (16x20)
$105.00 12x18 $295.00 (18x24)
$150.00 20x30 $595.00 (28x38)
$195.00 30x40 $725.00 (38x48)
$275.00 40x60 $1,200 (50x70)

These high quality art prints are an affordable alternative to John Maher originals.  Printed on museum quality paper and using long-lasting inks, these prints will not fade for 80 years under normal conditions.

Frames are high quality brushed aluminum, walnut color, 1.8 inches (up to 18x24) and 2.2 inches wide (24x34 and up).  All frames come with corner embellishmnets ( unless otherwise specified) and ready to hang.

These limited edition prints are a beautiful and affordable way to collect John's art.  They are also available in a variety of sizes.  Call or email for puchasing information.

Shipping charges will apply.

To order or for more information

Call John at: (541) 478-0171

or email at:

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