John Maher  


2012 Schedule

April 1- 30


Retrospective show of water-themed art by John Maher

The Pines, Hood River

The Pines

June and July

Crew work on "Party Bound" video by Michael Friend

Stills photography and gaffing

Still Photos from "Party Bound" video production


Created video on Michael Friend directing

"Party Bound" Music Video


Created Running Fruit Ladders Video Thanking Volunteers

See below


Wrote story in The Gorge magazine

"Peter McGrain" Arts + Culture

The Gorge Magazine (Winter 2012 Issue pg. 32)


2011 Schedule

Running Fruit Ladders

Large scale art installation celebrating small family farms

April 15-30

Transporting donated ladders from Wenatchee and Sunnyside, Washington and The Dalles, Oregon

to Pine Grove Oregon

May 5 - May 30

Preparing and painting ladders in Pine Grove at Lage Orchards


May 1-31

1st installation at Pine Grove Oregon

1/2 mile along Highway 35

June 5 - July 30

2nd installation 1/2 mile along I-84 near Mosier, Oregon

July 1-30

"Art and Farming"

Art show at The Dalles Art Center in conjunction with Running Fruit Ladders installations

August 5- September 15

3rd installation at Gorge Discovery Center and Museum, The Dalles Oregon, along I-84


Ladders go into hibernation until next installations


2010 Schedule

Open Studios Preview                                April   1 - 30

Group show of Open Studio artists' work.

A sample of what will be seen on the

Open StudiosTour.                                                   

                                                                                          Opening Reception

                                                                                           Friday April 1  at:                                                                                                 5-7pm   

The Pines

202 State Street

Hood River, Oregon

The Pines


Maryhill Art Museum                      April 30   5-7pm

Reception for Open Studios Artists

Goldendale, Washington

Maryhill Art Museum


Gorge Artists Open Studios               May 15 & 16

Visit the Gorge - Have an art adventure

Tour guides available at:

Art Media or Frame Central locartions or Powells Books, Art Section in Portland.

Klindt's Booksellers in The Dalles and Waucpoma Books and Columbia Center for the Arts in Hood Rver.

Gorge Artists Open Studios


The Dalles Art Center

"Fire and Water"  (see images below)

Two person show with ceramic artist Ron Fenter        July 1 - 28

      Opening Reception July 1, 5:30-7:30

      4th & Washington Streets

      The Dalles, Oregon                                                                   


  John Maher

   pastels, acrylics and photographs                                                          "Ripples"        22x30                                                                           

Ron Fenter


"Blue Moon"


The Dalles Art Center  (click on for more info)



Public Art Projects

Mosier Overpass Art Project          2010 (ongoing)

(public art)

Mosier Overpass Project   (click for link)

Running Fruit Ladders                   Summer of 2011

Several large scale art installations celebrating art and agriculture,

in the Columbia River Gorge, in the Northwestern United States.  

Running Fruit Ladders    (click for link)


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